hey, i'm leeann.

When it comes to social media, are you consistently pushing it to the bottom of your to-do list?

You know you should be doing it, but it takes up too much brain space and you ran out of content ideas weeks ago.

You try to find time for a quick post here and there, but it's disheartening when you hit publish and all you hear is silence.

You're not sure how-to create meaningful engagement. Or how to connect your content to your business goals. You know it’s not helping you to grow. Instead it feels like a drain on your time, confidence and wallet.

Until now…


Because I'm here to help you use social media in a smart way to grow your business.

Even if:

  • You have no time to post every day.

  • You hate being on video.

  • You never know what to say.

  • You think you can’t afford help.

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You can achieve the results you want.

But I'll be honest. There's no formula for overnight success.

It's a long term relationship, not a short term fling. And those who see it as a long term investment in building awareness, connections, engagement and trust, are the ones who get the best results and see the greatest return on investment.


Because being on social media isn’t about you.

It's all about your audience. You need to educate, inspire, and entertain them, plus show that you are relatable and a great person or business to work with.

That’s why I immerse myself in getting to know all about your business, and the problems and desires of your customers and clients.

Then I work with you to plan social media content to address their needs. All while building your credibility and expert status. So that when they next need a product or service like yours, you'll be front of mind.

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As seen here:


I want you to get the best results.

So, I give your social media presence the care and attention I’d give my own.

Social media can be confusing, especially as it is constantly changing. I keep up-to-date with the latest changes and ensure my clients are using each platform to the full potential for their business.

With my background in teaching I love being able to share and implement this knowledge to directly impact my clients’ businesses.

Wherever you are in the world, or whatever help you need with social media, please get in touch and I'll help you to figure it out.


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It's time to get your socials sorted and I want to help.


Sort My Socials

Get your questions answered, pick my brains, and get your social media sorted.


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A day dedicated entirely to your business, guided by a social media expert, to finally tackle those challenges you've been facing.


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Marketing Makeover

Work with us to create your strategic 12-month social media success system.


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Free Monthly Social Media Planner

Maybe you have no idea what to post so you've not been posting at all.

Or, maybe you've been posting about your products or services - but all you are hearing is crickets...

Or, perhaps you feel like you haven't got enough time to spend on creating content for your audience?

Either way, this Monthly Social Media Content Planner will help you to understand what sort of posts you need to be making to engage with your audience, and how to create them fast!