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Social Media Workshops and Courses 

My online and in-person workshops and courses make it easy for you to learn how to build a strong, meaningful, social media presence, minus the guesswork.

I want to make it easy for you to build a strong, meaningful, social media presence, minus the guesswork.


LinkedIn Learner's Lab


What would it mean to your business if you had everything you need to know to be successful on LinkedIn, all in one place, showing you step by step HOW to use LinkedIn to grow your business?

No more worrying about using it the wrong way. You'll know exactly how LinkedIn works and have lots of ways that you can confidently take part.

Plus your profile will look AMAZING for that all-important first impression.

You'll understand how to make connections with the right kinds of people to grow your professional network and create new opportunities for your business.

And you'll start to have people reaching out to you wanting to connect.

You will know how to create a plan for posting content that feels authentic, sustainable and reflects who you are, your experience, and your expertise.

No more not knowing what to post or being nervous about your content.


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The FUN Social Media Academy

Guided online course

I'm excited to tell you all about my signature online course The FUN Social Media Academy. Learn how to grow your business, get more clients and be confident you are doing things the right way online.

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I found your LinkedIn workshop very beneficial...

"You have a wonderful inclusive way of teaching and sharing your knowledge in an approachable yet professional way. I think it suited me nicely to be in a smaller group too! You certainly gave me more confidence to use LinkedIn more and also encourage clients to do the same. With a bit more practice I’ll be ready to offer it as a service."

Linley Tod | Graphic Designer

She lays out easy steps to help make them more approachable...

"Leeann is great at teaching you through these things that started off as intimidating. The course is a great system that allows us access even after finishing the course, meaning that we can always go back in if we need a refresher.

Leeann continues to offer her services with one on one coaching if we are ever in need, and is a very easy person to work with. Thanks for your help Leeann!"

Leanne | Cashmore Clinic


Free Monthly Social Media Planner

Maybe you have no idea what to post so you've not been posting at all.

Or, maybe you've been posting about your products or services - but all you are hearing is crickets...

Or, perhaps you feel like you haven't got enough time to spend on creating content for your audience?

Either way, this Monthly Social Media Content Planner will help you to understand what sort of posts you need to be making to engage with your audience, and how to create them fast!