When You Don’t Have Time for Social Media Marketing

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When You Don’t Have Time for Social Media Marketing

As a business owner, time is one of your most precious resources.

There never seems to be enough of it to get through everything in the day.

Inevitably, something has to give.

It won’t be your customer service or sales activities, so often it is jobs like your marketing that take a backseat. Especially if you don’t have a huge passion or understanding of social media.

That was the position Michele from Atlas Direct was in.

Knowing she needed to utilise the power of social media marketing for her business, but not having the time or strategy to master it, she turned to us here at Face Up Now.

Read on to find out how Michele now has booming social media accounts and a cohesive overall marketing strategy that she can execute in very little time each week!



No Time For Social Media Marketing

As a business owner with a bunch of exciting things happening each day, Michele thought it was going to be easy to come up with content for her social media platforms. But in reality, with all the other things going on in the business, there simply wasn’t time.

After attending a Digital Boost business course, Michele met Leeann from Face Up Now. After Leeann delivered her social media marketing session, it opened Michele’s eyes to the digital options that were available to her business. More than just using Facebook, it became clear that Atlas Direct should have a presence on platforms like Instagram, Google My Business and LinkedIn.

But, Michele barely had time to keep up with Facebook, so how was she going to tackle these other platforms too and maximise their potential?

The answer was a Social Media + Marketing Strategy from Face Up Now.


The Importance Of Strong Social Media

“All of the businesses I follow have engaging social media pages and I realised how valuable they were for the way I perceived each business. We had invested a lot in our branding and graphics, so we wanted to use social media to capitalise on that and get our brand in front of the right people.

But, we didn’t have the broad knowledge of how to use each social media channel. Leeann solved all of our problems with one comprehensive marketing solution.”

Like many other business owners, Michele was feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of managing multiple social media accounts. The idea of creating and posting content that was going to get the right results was daunting. But, the value that social media can create for a business was too detrimental to ignore.

“It felt like there were endless possibilities with social media marketing. But, Leeann was able to simplify it all for us. She turned an incredibly daunting task into a tangible and measurable tool for our business. The marketing strategy and social media plan she developed was invaluable for our business.”


The Value Of Having A Plan

“Leeann worked with us to create a strategy that would achieve our marketing goals. Then, she delivered a Trello board with 12 months of content. The board had an immense amount of detail about exactly what to publish on social media and when to do it. The comprehensiveness of the plan highlighted the need for a VA to help us execute the plan and Leeann helped facilitate that too!

Having our social media plan set up professionally has added real value to our business. Leeann has made everything feel organised and structured so that we are able to execute it properly. We can hand the plan over to our team to maintain. It can be taken over by anyone at any time, so is an excellent asset if we were ever to sell the business.

Instead of randomly posting things from time to time, social media marketing is now a part of our business that has scope and generates results. Having strong social media complements the other marketing that we do, it introduces other addons that support and empower it. All our digital marketing ties in together.”


Do You Need A Social Media Plan?

“Since working with Leeann, we have a cohesive overall marketing strategy and a prominent online presence.”

That’s what every business owner wants, right? To know exactly what they are doing with their marketing and to be able to execute a plan they know will get them results. That is exactly what our Social Media Success Strategy will do for you! But, don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what Michele has to say about it:

“Leeann is really positive and knowledgeable. Working with her will get you more inspired about your own business and how you can successfully promote it on social media. She is very motivating and helps remove your nervousness about all things marketing.

Her social media marketing plan is incredible value for money, you’ll get exactly what she promises you will. Leeann will deliver the plan and keep providing support until you feel satisfied that she had delivered a successful plan.

She takes things that are daunting and makes them simple and easy to follow. You need this service in your business!

So, are you ready to unlock 12 months of valuable social media content that generates results? Then, get in touch with Leeann today.