Isn’t Linkedin Just a Job and Recruitment Platform?

Isn’t Linkedin Just a Job and Recruitment Platform?

Before Facebook arrived and inspired a litter of social media platforms, we had Myspace and LinkedIn. While Myspace is a relic of the past, LinkedIn has been going strong for 19 years. That’s no small task in today’s competitive world of shiny new things!

LinkedIn may not be considered your go-to social media platform, but it really should be. Although it’s a popular tool for job-seekers and recruiters, there is a ton more on offer in this ever-evolving network. In fact, it could be one of the best places to gain visibility for business! Not convinced? Keep reading to find out why LinkedIn is one of the best tools around for growing your business.


Isn’t LinkedIn Just A Job And Recruitment Platform?

Some Convincing Stats

Marketing is as much about numbers as it is about words and images. And numbers never lie! So, whet your appetite for LinkedIn with these appealing statistics!

●        More than 760 million people are on LinkedIn, and more than 260 million are active monthly users.

●        40 percent of monthly users log in daily, but they don’t linger. Most only spend around 17 minutes a month scrolling their feed.

●        According to Hubspot, LinkedIn is 277% more effective at generating leads than Facebook and Twitter!

●        B2B marketers say that 80% of their social media leads arise from LinkedIn.

And I hope you’ve got room for one more fact, because I’ve saved the best for last:

●        LinkedIn’s feed receives about 9 billion impressions every week, BUT only 3 million users (out of a total exceeding 760 million) share content every week!!

That means that the tiny percentage (aka 1 percent) who put in the work reap all the rewards of those impressions. Less competition means more visibility!


Why LinkedIn Is Excellent For Marketing Your Small Business

The facts alone indicate that LinkedIn has lots of people ready to lay eyes on your business. But is it really the best place to invest your time?

Yes, LinkedIn did start as a professional networking channel aimed at connecting people with jobs. But there’s a good reason it’s lasted so long: it has evolved with the times.

No longer is it just for corporates or job-seekers. It’s now a valuable platform for small businesses and entrepreneurs, too. You could say it’s the Facebook of the professional world.

Here are just some of the ways LinkedIn can boost your business...


Grow Your Brand

Just as with the other social media big-hitters, LinkedIn offers various ways to build your brand visibility. You can craft a business page to showcase what you do, publish blogs, share content (including video), and even post stories.

You won’t just be noticed by potential customers, but by others in your industry, potential partners, and like-minded professionals, which helps establish your authority as an industry expert.

Of course, like the other platforms, there are plenty of options to extend your reach with effective ad products on offer.

Rank On Google

LinkedIn profiles are quite often ranked highly by Google, so it’s a great way to ensure your customers can find you when they search for you. If you choose to utilise LinkedIn’s article feature to publish authority pieces, chances are your LinkedIn articles will pop up in relevant Google search results.

Network To The Max

Networking is one of the key components of marketing, and LinkedIn is the place to do it. After all, it was designed to connect professionals, and it still does that remarkably well. You will be able to connect and build relationships with a wide range of people to help grow your business.

Stay Up To Date

Because of the nature of the content on LinkedIn, you are more likely to find value from those you follow. When you tap into your industry network, you’ll be able to see the latest updates relevant to your business and keep tabs on the latest trends (without being distracted by memes and cat videos!) 

Build Social Proof

Your connections are able to endorse or recommend you on LinkedIn, offering precious social proof, one of marketing’s essential ingredients.

Many businesses are on LinkedIn, but haven’t optimised their pages or realised how fantastic this platform can be when it comes to marketing. If you haven’t explored this channel yet, now is the perfect time to invest energy into growing your brand – you never know, this might be the one thing that gives you an edge over the competition!

Like any social media channel, you need to approach LinkedIn with a strategy to get the most out of it. So, if you need some help getting started with an effective LinkedIn strategy, then get in touch with us here at Face Up Now.