FUN Social Media Academy 2024 




Grow Your Business With Social Media Without Getting Overwhelmed & Stuck On What To Post



Are you spending your time on social media wisely?

Is it getting the results that you would like

for your business?

 If the answer is no, you're in the right place.

I know it doesn’t feel like it but you are definitely not alone.

Fortunately, there is a way to get out of social media ‘no man's land’.

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Let me know if this sounds familiar...

  • You see other businesses using social media to grow, but there's so much to learn you're not sure where to start.

  • You're worried that you have everything set up properly so that your first impressions are lasting good ones

  • You want to get the most out of social media but don't understand all the different aspects of it and how to do the techie stuff


You know things need to change...

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you want to grow your online presence but not sure how

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you get overwhelmed with all of the different parts of social media

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you're tired of winging it &
feeling left behind



What would it mean to your business if you had everything you need to know to be successful, all in one place, showing you step by step HOW to use social media to grow your business?

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No more feeling left behind and missing out on business growth. You'll know exactly what to post, when, why and how.

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Instead, you will feel confident that you've got an easy way of making the most of social media in a way that works for YOU.

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You will know that you're making a great first impression and connecting with the right audience.

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Imagine how great it would be to get consistent visibility and new clients for your business from social media?


The FUN Social Media Academy

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An online course where you’ll learn the key elements of using social media to attract more business.

From years of working with clients and seeing the same problems over and over, I have created this online course to give you everything you need to succeed on social media, in a self-paced, easy-to-understand format and I show you step by step HOW to be a social media success.


Signing Up For The FUN Social Media Academy Will Mean:

You will grow your business, get more clients and be confident you are doing things the right way online

  • Know that the first impressions of your business will be lasting, good impressions.
  • Learn how to use all of the different free features available on Facebook and Instagram to reach more clients.
  • Learn HOW to create the right kind of content and create a content system that works for YOU.
  • Know that you are growing your expert status and trust with your potential clients in a non-salesy way, without any dancing, pointing, or cringe-worthy videos.
  • Enjoy the benefits of more people reaching out to you who want to do business with you, because they've seen you on social media!
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"I knew how to do quite a few things on social media but overall felt overwhelmed.

I didn't know what to post, I wasn't sure if I'd set my accounts up properly.

I would recommend this course to anyone who is struggling with their social media.

It is easy to follow and Leeann is very approachable and makes everything clear and easy to understand.

The video sessions were great. Going through everything step by step and being able to ask questions directly was so helpful.

Thanks so much Leeann, you rock."

Rachel Stock

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"As a new-be to social media, it was rather overwhelming to try and figure out the functionality of these platforms.  Then having to think about creating content for posting.

I found the course well structured, lessons were on point and fun. 

I found Leeann to be very well-informed and experienced, a great mentor able to connect with all of us to progress our goals.

This was one of the better courses I've experienced and certainly worth every penny.

Thank you again, doing the course has been the most helpful thing I’ve done for my business."

Moïse Butler

Ready for social media success?

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Hey there, I'm Leeann.

When I left my 8am -10pm teaching job and started in business helping other business owners to master social media to grow, I struggled to keep on top of my own social media. In fact, it was always the first thing that landed in the too hard basket as I juggled everything else.

Not one to be left behind, I was motivated to grow my business and develop a consistent online presence, so I tried a lot of different things.

I went round and round in circles, felt frustrated, overwhelmed and annoyed at why I even needed to have an online presence, plus I felt constantly guilty when I saw others doing it well.

Finally, I cracked it! I created a unique way of using the different aspects and tools on social media that actually worked for me.

It resulted in more visibility for my business, higher engagement with my audience and more customers wanting to work with me.

I’ve now helped 100’s of clients to have the same success for their business. The results have been incredible. This course takes you step by step through the different systems and features that I use so that you can also get the benefits. 



Here's what it's all about...

This is a self-paced online course, with a private Facebook group for support plus all of the how-to help that you need to succeed online.

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Knowing you, your product/service and your audience

Here's what you're going to learn:

  • The foundations that will help your business succeed on social media
  • You'll start to understand your ideal customer on a deeper level
  • You'll see what is already working well within your industry to fast-track your results


Optimising your social platforms

Here's what you're going to learn:

  • Facebook - how to make sure your page is fully optimised for 2022
  • Instagram optimisation - what you need to have for 2022 and how to do it all
  • "How To" videos showing you step by step every part of the process
  • Why your About section is so important and a guide for writing yours
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Create your content Social Media Success System (SMSS)

Here's what you're going to learn:

  • Choose the type of content system that will work best for YOU and your business 
  • How different content systems work - benefits of each + how you could use it
  • Step-by-step guide to setting up your own choice of SMSS for managing and planning your content
  • Working out how often you will post


The different types of content to create + why

Here's what you're going to learn:

  • What type of content is working best in 2022 on Facebook and Instagram
  • All the different types of content you can use to attract your audience
  • Get clarity on your promotional calendar for the year and how this ties in with your Social Media Content Success System
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Making it happen

Here's what you're going to learn:

  • Step by step tutorial as I take you through creating your SMSS in a way that works for YOU
  • How to go and create your own content
  • How to batch your content and schedule it ahead of time
  • Learn how to make and use Stories as part of your content plan
  • Learn how to make and use Reels to grow your accounts and reach new people


Analytics - Metrics That Count

Here's what you're going to learn:

  • How to find your analytics and insights on both Facebook and Instagram
  • Which results you need to pay attention to
  • How to interpret your results
  • When to make changes and what to change
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The Special Resources Area

Here's what you'll get:

  • Video tutorials showing you step-by-step how to make Reels for Instagram + Facebook
  • Video tutorials on how to make Stories for Instagram + Facebook
  • A behind-the-scenes tour to demystify the "New" Facebook layout
  • Video tutorials showing you how to set up a clickable link in your Instagram bio with more than one call to action
  • Video tutorials showing you how to run and competition on Instagram and Facebook
  • Video tutorials showing you how to use Meta Publishing Tools to schedule on Facebook and Instagram 


You're also going to get access to:

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BONUS #1 The Beginners Guide To Creating Videos For Social Media

  • An e-book guide with everything you need to know to get started using videos.
  • 10 ideas for video content - what to create your videos about.
  • How to go live from your phone on both Facebook and Instagram.
  • How to upload the video later to Facebook and Instagram using Business Suite.
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BONUS #2 How To Use CANVA To Create Amazing Graphics 

  • Video tutorial on using the free version of Canva 
  • Video tutorial on the Pro version of Canva
  • How to incorporate your brand colours and logo for professional images
  • How to use Canva to schedule posts to Facebook and Instagram
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BONUS #3 How to use Facebook (Meta) To Schedule Your Posts On Instagram & Facebook

  • A step to step video tutorial explaining what Facebook Creator Studio is
  • How to connect your Instagram account to Creator Studio
  • How to create a post for both Facebook and Instagram in Creator Studio
  • How to schedule posts future days directly from your desktop/laptop for Facebook and Instagram

BONUS #4 How To Successfully Outsource + Delegate Some Of Your Social Media Tasks

  • A video tutorial showing you how to use your newly created social media success system to get someone to help you.
  • The different options for getting help/outsourcing/delegating tasks.
  • How to find a Virtual Assistant and what to look for.
  • Setting yourself and your new assistant up for success.


The results speak for themselves...

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"Leeann has done an amazing job helping me navigate all the social media platforms for my business. She is so knowledgeable, patient, creative and incredibly insightful. Learning with her has been worth it's weight in gold. Thanks Leeann, what an awesome experience. I'd highly recommend this to anyone looking to grow their business."
Jo - Strengths Coach
Leeann from Face Up Now cuts through all the complexity of social media to make it easy for a business to understand what we need to do. She's VERY patient and since she's an ex-teacher knows how to teach!"
Paul - Professionals NRG Realty
"Leeann has such a great depth of knowledge around how to use social media effectively. I’ve learned a lot with her and will definitely continue to keep upskilling with her help. Highly recommended."
Lauren - EVES Real Estate
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"I've been working with Leeann because I needed some help and support to improve my social media knowledge and skills.

I run a small business & my social media presence was very "hit & miss" with no real plan. Through her online course, Leeann has helped me develop a plan for the whole year for all my Facebook & Instagram posts, taking away the stress of this extremely important aspect of my business.

She has also taught me so many awesome tricks and tips including using Canva, an online design & publishing tool so that I am now able to create and schedule eye-catching, interesting and meaningful posts.

I am already seeing an increase in customer enquiries and am thankful that I found Leeann!"
Camilla - Helen O'Grady Drama Academy BOP

Ready to get over $495 in bonuses?



You're covered by our guarantee.

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If you complete the first four weeks of tutorials and modules and find it hasn’t been helpful, then I’ll gladly give you a full refund within 30 days.

Full refund up to 30 days - no questions asked guarantee.


What would this mean to you? 

What would it mean to your business if you had the skills and knowledge to connect with your potential customer and made them want to work with you? 
No more social media meltdowns , or a case of the guilts that you’re not showing up enough on social media, or feeling left behind by others in your niche.
Instead, you will feel confident and know that you are showing up online in a way that feels authentic and realistic to YOU.
You will know that you've made a GREAT first impression, that your audience enjoys seeing your posts and learning more about your business and how you can serve them. 
Imagine how great this would be?


Frequently Asked Questions

No questions? I'm ready for this!

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It's time to take control of your social media.

I know you've been thinking about your social media and your lack of it for so long. It's time now to stop thinking about how hard social media feels to you and time to take steps to make it work for your business.