What Makes Good LinkedIn Content?

LinkedIn is a great place for small businesses to raise their profile and connect with their audiences. Find out how to create great LinkedIn content here.

LinkedIn is a great place for New Zealand small businesses to raise their profile and connect with their audiences.

You have probably heard that quite a bit lately.

However, you might be a little stumped on how to maximise the benefits of this platform.

What actually makes good LinkedIn content and how can you create it?

That is exactly what we are going to be looking at now. So, let’s get to it!


Before You Create

Before you start furiously typing up LinkedIn posts, there are a few things you need to consider to make sure your content is going to achieve what you want it to!

Here are some aspects that will help you maximise your engagement and impact:

Know Your Audience

Knowing who your audience is and the problems they are facing will help you to create content that is targeted towards their needs. You can tailor your content to ensure it offers solutions to those problems, and resonates with their interests, challenges and aspirations.


Embrace Your Local Flavour

There is something truly special about incorporating a local flavour in your business messaging. People from different parts of the world have unique approaches to conducting business and engaging with fellow professionals. Therefore, infuse your content with the distinctive qualities of your cultural background or geographic location. Let the essence of your home country shine through to establish a meaningful connection with your local audience, regardless of whether you're based in New Zealand, Australia, the United States, or any other part of the world.


Professional and Authentic

LinkedIn is a professional platform, so keep that tone in mind for your content. But, professional does not mean boring! Remain authentic and relatable, giving peeks behind the scenes of your business and showcasing the people who work in it.

Value-Driven Content

It is better to post less content if every piece is valuable. Offer content that educates, entertains, and solves problems for your audience. Encourage engagement and interaction so that the content becomes even more value-driven with people’s responses and insights.


A content schedule will help you to post consistently and to publish quality content. This helps you to maintain visibility and engagement, and also to please the LinkedIn algorithms. Even though you have your set schedule, it’s still recommended to experiment with different content formats and analyse their performance.

Include CTAs

All the valuable content in the world won’t get your audience to take the next steps with your business if they don’t know how to! Make sure you include clear Calls To Action to encourage your audience to engage with your business. It might be directing them to a website or blog, getting them to sign up for your newsletter, suggesting the purchase of a specific product or service, or booking a meeting or free discovery call. 

For more in-depth tips on how to use the LinkedIn platform more effectively, check out our recent blog on this very topic. 


What Makes Good LinkedIn Content?

Creating good LinkedIn content is about combining different content types to engage your audience and showcase your brand effectively. 

Some ideas for doing that are:

Educational Content

Educational content will be one of the cornerstones of your content strategy. Funnily enough, it centres around content that your audience can learn from. That includes educating people about your industry and the services you offer, but also about the solutions your business offers to common problems.

This kind of content often involves answering common questions, posting tips and how-tos, and basic education about the things in your industry that might be a mystery to the outside world.


Social Proof

The words other people use to describe your business are incredibly powerful. So, you want to share them far and wide as the social proof that your business can do amazing things. Share the reviews and testimonials that you get from your clients to prove that you deliver great products and services.


Thought Leadership

Present your business as one who is leading in your field by sharing thought leadership pieces. These can be pieces you have written yourself or those that have been created by other people. Make sure the content is relevant to the services you offer and your audience, bonus points if it also solves a problem or answers a burning question.


Event Updates

Been out there networking or attending key industry events? Then share it on your LinkedIn page. Talk about what you enjoyed about the event, your takeaways and the businesses involved. Bonus points if you can tag the people you connected with, both new and existing connections, so that they can engage with your post and extend your reach.



Another great way to extend the reach of your content is to highlight the people you have worked with or collaborated with. By tagging them in your content, you will potentially reach their audiences as well as your own.


Inspirational Words

Inspire your audience with cool things your business has achieved. Client success stories, things you have achieved for your clients, or case studies like this one and this one. You can also inspire your audience with great quotes or sayings that are motivational or educational. Highlight what you like about the quote and why it is relevant, and don’t forget to credit the owner. 


Industry Updates

Changes or interesting things happening in your industry? Then, tell people about them! Share your expertise and let your audience know what those changes are, how they might impact people, or how you are embracing them in your business.


Engagement Content

Having content that people can engage with helps you to gather feedback, start conversations, and stockpile information. You can engage people with questions, surveys, polls and competitions. Questions can be worked into lots of pieces of content, but don’t overuse tactics like polls and giveaways. Use them strategically to maintain their impact and effectiveness.


Visual Content

Visual content is great for grabbing your audience’s attention. Mix up what you publish to keep things fresh. Single photos, carousel posts, and infographics are all static visual options that can really help boost your LinkedIn aesthetics.

Video is another great form of visual content. It doesn’t have to be professionally produced either. Using your smartphone, you can create LinkedIn videos quickly and easily. Just remember to include captions as many people scroll their feed with their sound off.


Get The Content Strategy Right

When it comes to creating content for LinkedIn, it is really helpful to have a content strategy in place. That way, every post you publish will help you work towards your overall marketing goals. Plus, if you have the strategy there in front of you, you’ll never be stuck for post ideas!

Here at Face Up Now, we specialise in practical social media strategies that are useful and easy to action for businesses of all shapes, sizes and stages.

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